AS 47215

This Autonomous System is owned and operated by Filoo GmbH. More information can be obtained on our homepage.

Contact information

Filoo GmbH
Rhedaer Straße 25
33330 Gütersloh
info(an) (Replace an with at)


We have an open peering policy, do not require written contracts but will sign them if they are sensible (in particular, settlement-free). If you would like to peer with us, just set up your side of the session with the details provided below and drop us a line - we will set up our end shortly.

Our peering details are:

Macro (IPv4):                   AS-FILOO
Macro (IPv6): 

AS Number:               47215
Security:                MD5 preferred, but not mandatory 
Prefixes announced:      ~15 in IPv4, 1 in IPv6
Recommended max-pref:     50 in IPv4, 10 in IPv6


DE-CIX v6:		 2001:07F8:0:0:0:B86F:0:1

NOC-Phone:               +49 5241 86730-0

More info in PeeringDB: AS47215 @

Facilities and exchanges

We are currently present at the following facilities and exchanges: